How To Create In Writing Words With pen at hand, I attempt to write this notice for you I am aware today where I stay but what am I to complete I discovered a great number of things to declare because we are so far apart how to compose on paper what I’m within my center? How can I produce in writing, what I’m feeling deep inside Words to you personally could last no further, then it consider split to dry A love as lovely as your and mine, deserve another start How can I produce on paper what I’m in my own center? Those straightforward things up after I cling to you personally each can take thoughts a lot of points were left unsaid, Idon’t recognize the place to start how do I compose written down what personally I think within my center And you offered are worth the planet tome? How to write written down, what I’m experiencing deep inside Words to you might last nolonger, then it take rip to dried A love as nice as your and quarry, deserve another start how to write on paper what I feel within my heart? Songwriters REEVES, JOHN / DANNY, KENT DON / HARRISON Posted by Lyrics &backup; Sony ATV Music Publishing LLC



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